More Villas in Vicenza’s surroundings

More Villas in Vicenza’s surroundings

Tour Description:

Andrea Palladio, (can combine Villa Godi Malinverni with Marostica-Bassano): first project of a villa before his travels to Rome, where he gets to study the architecture of Ancient Rome, which shall influence his later works. Gorgeous located on a hill, the villa shows the typical layout of the Venetian country buildings having the rooms disposed around a central space called “portego”, porch, as it opens its doors on both sides towards the landscape – layout as a model according to which Palladio shall plan his following villas on the countryside.

Castello di Thiene

Villa Contarini Camerini: and the fascinating industrial development of Piazzola sul Brenta). Builkt starting from the 16th century on the grounds of a castle, Villa Contarini was enlarged during the 17th century becoming almost a mansion for the owner Marco Contarini. The Camerinis purchased the villa in the 19th century and continued expanding it while setting up industrial production, so that Piazzola sul Brenta became a major industrial centre, witnessed by the manufacturing complex realised by the Camerinis along with the workers’ village.

Villa Cordellina, Montecchio Maggiore: splendid villa dating back to the 18th century, a project by architect Massari for Carlo Cordellina, a well-known jurist operating in Venice. The central hall develops on the both floors – an interesting solution indeed – and was decorated by Giambattista Tiepolo, who painted two stories taken from ancient history as an hommage to Reason and therefore to the profession of his customer as well. Next to the villa, the guesthouse, the stable and the ample garden underline the evolution of the Venetian villa through the centuries – previously heart of the farm, later on becoming a place for idleness and holidays where the owner and his guests stay. Discover the dreamy atmosphere of Villa Cordellina, just a few kilometres away from Vicenza.

The austere and harmonious Villa Pojana by Andrea Palladio (along with villa Saraceno from outside ) South of Vicenza along with Montagnana’s Old Town: walking along the beautiful city wall, catching a glimpse of Palladio’s villa Pisani, entering the magnificent Cathedral on the market square and finally stop for a good wine and tasting Montagnana’s excellent prosciutto! A dream of a tour.